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Me saimme katsella hänen kirkkauttaan, kirkkautta, jonka Isä ainoalle Pojalle antaa. Joh. 1:14

Enduring foundation was a topic in London services

in English 22.2.2016 13:42 | Päivämies-verkkolehti

For 25 years SRK services have been arranged in the Finnish Church in London. Nowadays people gather for services every two months. The Finnish Church in London is located in Rotherhithe, which was formerly part of the London Docklands. There is no sign of the docks left any more, and visitors to the church are mostly Finns living in London for work or studies.
Jouko Luukkonen and I served as speakers in the London services on 16–17 January. The place was familiar to us because both had visited London many times. On Saturday we spoke in English, because there were many American service guests who did not understand Finnish.

There were almost 50 people present. Some of them had been living in London for years, but most had come there for the winter.

The Saturday service was held in the club room of the Finnish Church in London.
Many families with children were present. Mothers enjoyed sharing thoughts during
the dinner break.

Miracles for faith

The Saturday evening mass was officiated by Marjaana Härkönen, the new pastor of the Finnish Church in London.

Jouko Luukkonen preached in the mass about the wedding at Cana. He recalled that Jesus performed many miracles that went beyond human comprehension. That is why many people in our times doubt their authenticity. Through faith we understand that Jesus expressed His divine power in the miracles, so that people would believe in Him.

Jouko Luukkonen preached about the wedding at Cana in the Saturday evening mass.
He pointed out in his sermon that the greatest miracle was the resurrection of Jesus,
His victory over death and the atonement for our sins.

On rock or on sand?

By Sunday morning the first snow had fallen in the London area. Only the family Oikarinen and a group of au pairs had made it to the services.

The Sunday service was held in the chilly church hall, because the club room, which
was the only warm room in the building, was not available. The service guests preferred
to keep on their jackets and even wear gloves.

Jouko spoke on the basis of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount about two builders, one of whom built his house on rock and the other on sand. He noted that a house built on a good foundation will stand even in storms, but a house on a poor foundation will collapse.

Jesus compared the well-founded house to a man who hears His words and acts according to them. The only enduring foundation for life is righteousness given by God. A believer may safely trust in the care of the Heavenly Father.

SRK services have been arranged in the Finnish Church in London on Albion Street
in Rotherhithe for 25 years.

Text: Ari-Pekka Palola
Translation: R.H., T.S.

The article was published in online Päivämies on 18 January 2015.


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